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Noise rock band Bo Ningen are one of the most intriguing and exciting acts of a generation.

The Japanese four-piece came armed with face-melting monster riffs to a psychedelic showcase of cosmic shock and awe” - The Guardian

Be sure to see them when they play at Dryden Street Social in Leicester on Saturday 23rd of September 2017.

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The band have produced some of the most interesting records of recent years, including their eponymous titled debut in 2010, Line The Wall released two years later and their latest album III which came out in 2014.

Bo Ningen have made "a sound" out of not having one, or rather via a saturation of gloriously overwhelming noise and ideas that converge in an organised, yet frantic way. In fact, "frantic" may be the best description for much of Bo Ningen's style, and never has it been more applicable than on the foursome's latest record III.” - The Quietes

III is in no way an easy album to love, nor is it something that you can just dip into, or an album you’ll probably ever casually put on. It’s such an confrontational piece of work that you need to mentally prepare prior to the needle hitting the groove. Once it does though, you are dragged into Bo Ningen’s world, a place where the fusion of rhythm fighting against musical aggression has never sounded so thrilling.” - The Line Of Best Fit

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Bo Ningen Chalk, Brighton
Sunday 11th April 2021 Doors at 19:30
Bo Ningen Fleece, Bristol
Wednesday 14th April 2021 Doors at 19:30
Monday 19th April 2021 Doors at 19:30
Bo Ningen Plus Special Guests The Bullingdon, Oxford
Tuesday 20th April 2021 Doors at 19:30
Wednesday 21st April 2021 Doors at 19:30